Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Radiant Radish

It is the year 1969.
Imagine you are walking through West Hollywood, perhaps feeling a little tubby or bloated from the previous few years of weed induced munchies.
How fortunate then, that you stumble upon a quaint little health food store and decide to nurture your ailing fitness.
As you walk into the lowly lit store casually surveying the poorly stocked shelves, a shy long-haired man wearing a bathrobe acknowledges your presence with a nod.
A strange feeling of familiarity overcomes you as you glance upon this slightly disheveled looking shopkeeper.
Is it possible that this individual is the very same genius that just a few years prior wrote the modern pocket symphony 'good vibrations'?

Indeed, in 1969 Brian Wilson was a part owner/operator of 'The Radiant Radish' health food store. It was reported that Brian would often open the 'Radish' at various different times of the day, sometimes in the wee hours of the morning, mostly not bothering to wear anything but his pajamas.
Having been introduced to cocaine the previous year, his already indulgent behaviour was become increasingly erratic.
During late night binges, rumors were that it was not uncommon for Brian to discuss outrageous ideas for opening 24 hour trampoline or ping pong table stores due to his disappointment at not being able purchase such products on a whim.
Even though he was destroying his body with various illegal substances, Brian was ironically going through a health fad, leading to the opening of his short lived vitamin shop.

The unreleased Beach Boys album 'Landlocked' even included a Wilson penned 'plug' for the store, entitled 'H.E.L.P'.
Unfortunately though, according to several biographers, the store only remained open for a year, due to the owners lack of business skills, and perhaps the failure to order new stock!

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